(11)   Video’s seks / anticonceptie


Hieronder wat mogelijkheden om zelf te bekijken en beluisteren omtrent het onderwerp voorhoedsmiddelen.



How the pill kills

Class 1 carcinogen (cancer), breast cancer, cervical cancer, blood clots (heart, leg veins, brain), heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolism , death more likely

Birth control pill

Thins uterine lining = if fertilization of egg does take place, the lining may to too thin for it to stay in the uterus, so passes out of the body with the next menstrual period

The pill

Is the regular pill an abortifacient?



Catholic – pill – NFP

2 women want a slim figure. (a)  exercises with abstinance from fatty foods, (b) practices boulimia, binging and purging. Both same end in mind, but different route: one temperance, the other gluttony.