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Hieronder wat mogelijkheden om zelf te bekijken en beluisteren.


“In their own words” – medici vertellen over de gang van zaken tijdens het uitvoeren van abortussen.



Kliniek medewerkers vertellen

3 vrouwen vertellen. Cut the umbilical cord/stick the dilator in the baby’s soft spot on the head/twist the head off the neck with his bare hands/instrument in the stomach and twist/snip the spine/ his finger through their throat




Brenda Schaeffer

Brenda Shafer, registered nurse, explains a Partial-Birth Abortion by abortionist Martin Haskell 

Myra Neyer

Een vrouw vertelt over hoe zij voorheen voor een abortuskliniek werkte.

Abby Johnson

Even if you’re being discriminated against, at least you’re alive

At least you weren’t left in a cardboard box over the weekend.

Abby Johnson

HIer vertelt Abby Johnson over de POC room – products of conception room… waar lichaamsdelen weer bij elkaar gelegd worden om zeker te weten dat alles er uit is.

Abortionists say:

“Am I killing? Yes I am. I know that.” Abortionist Curtis Boyd.

Anthony Levatino says:

Former abortionist testifies about Planned Parenthood abortion procedures.

To catalogue bodyparts

Doctor whose job is to catalogue aborted babies’ body parts after they a killed in the hospital

Heads that get stuck…

Abortionists laugh about heads getting stuck and discuss dismembering fully formed babies.

Video was removed  https://fb.watch/5y0QJxh14e/ –Watch | Facebook  Undercover Video Center for Medical Progress Exposes Gruesome Abortion Practices | National Review

Sex ed sells abortions

Carol Everett used to give sex ed classes so that the girls would come to confide in her, and she could sell them abortions.

1200 abortions….

This doctor has performed 1,200 abortions. Now he is revealing what happens during a second trimester procedure. His speech may be the most powerful talk you have ever heard on abortion. Tony Levatino

How? A bigger baby…

23 weeks – around 6 months

Dr Kathi Aultman

Former abortionist – hear her speak from the heart

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usUgNsZRnZQ “I killed more people than Ted Bundy”


Abortion worker says…

A quick poke through the belly…

Workers expose…

Various abortion workers expose their counselling methods….








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